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With Pedro Almodovar...

Tuve el placer de assistir a la obra de teatro de Rossy de Palma en el teatro español de Madrid. La obra esta dirigida y creado por ella misma y os puedo decir que me dejo con la boca abierta!! Sola encima del escenario,lo llena todo,y ries y lloras y piensas... Rossy es un genio...una hora y media sola en un escenario y no te "aburres" ni un segundo...Se me ha hecho corta y repeteria ahora mismo.. Espero que vaya por el mundo esta obra surrealista y personal como ella misma. UNICO...... Y el placer de conocer una de mis idolos de toda la vida PEDROOOO ALMODOVAR que me confeo que es seguidor de mi musica y conoce mis canciones...Que subidon!!

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FROM MEXICO.... Una excelente critica desde MEXICO! GRACIAS MEXICO...Espero pisar tierras mejicanas muy pronto para que me veas todos en concierto. Un abrazooo a todos...

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ANother excelent review from LONDON from journalist PAUL PLEDGER... Cathy Claret: Solita Por El Mundo: Warner Spain: CD/DD: Out Now: ★★★★★★★★½☆☆ ".If you can imagine Saint Etienne and Nouvelle Vague forming a supergroup with Brigitte Bardot, you're someway there. The ten songs do not wallow in nostalgia however - the whole album resonates with contemporary rhythms and arrangements, opting for the analogue rather than the digital and keeping it real without being hipster cool. That, trust me, is a good thing....."

EN DISCO GRANDE con Julio Ruiz en RADIO 3

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ROSSY DE PALMA me recomienda en su BLOG

Mi amiga ROSSY DE PALMA me recomienda en su blog! Me ha hecho una illusion tremenda que una amiga,una mujer a la que admiro profundamente me haya dedicado una entrada tan bonita en su blog! Para mi Rossy de Palma aparte de ser una amiga,y todos los dias me demuestra que es una amiga de las buenas es una mujer excepcional,un genio,una personalidad tan importante como Madonna,Almodovar o Obama y lo mas importante tremendameente humana! Aqui teneis el blog y pasaros por la galeria de fotos que no tiene desperdicio. Rossy de Palma,l´amie me recommende dans son blog!Lisez le et regardez les photos,ca vaut la peine! me recommende dans son blog! ¡¡¡¡ CATHY CLARET SOLITA POR EL MUNDO ¡¡¡¡¡¡ Esta semana estamos de estreno, sale a la venta "Solita por el Mundo" de Cathy Claret tras 10 años sin publicar. Esta Enamorada de la Música fiel a si misma, de voz dulce, susurrante y amorosa, que te envuelve con su música en positividad y alegría, celebrando siempre el Amor y la Vida. Cathy la compositora, la multiinstrumentista, la madre de Teresita , que seguirá sus pasos irremisiblemente, porque rebosan Arte . Cathy Claret es historia d ela música , la primera que fusionó el Flamenco, el Pop y la Nouvelle Vague, la Rumba, la Bossa Nova , ademas de inocular en la fusión su touche personal y única. En nuestro recuerdo estan grabadas sus colaboraciones con Raimundo Amador, Pata Negra, Kiko Veneno, BB King , Finley Quaye ect ect . Y fué ella y solo ella la que compuso la famosa "Bollere" , que popularizaromn con éxito los grandes maestros Raimundo Amador y BB King y, que representa perfectamente el espíritu gipsy de Cathy Claret bolloré te quita las penas , bolloré pa toda la vida, bolloré nos vuelve locos, bolloré que papel

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Cathy Claret nueva cancion "SOLITA POR EL MUNDO" en EFE EME


Excelent review of my new single in an inglish magazine...

Cathy Claret - Solita por el Mundo - ★★★★★★★★☆☆ It's been a while since breathy chanteuse Cathy Claret graced our senses with her bright and breezy hybrid of traditional Spanish rhythms and Euro-pop, this Solita por el Mundo is a very welcome return. Previous single Chocolat was insanely catchy and Solita is more of the same, recalling early hits Porque Porque and Loli-Loita. Formerly part of the Les Disques du Crepuscule stable in the late '80s, early '90s, Claret's path has remained true to music though perhaps not with the same successes. However, Solita is terrific fun. A little bit Francoise Hardy, a wee bit St Etienne and a smidgeon of Nouvelle Vague thrown into the Spanish pot makes this a belated summer winner. An album is scheduled to follow. Public Image Limited - The One - ★★★★★★★★★☆ Easily the most memorable and likeable song from recent album What The World Needs Now, The One is dedicated to John Lydon's devoted wife Nora and it shows. This is Johnny crooning sweetly and this is PiL delivering their best single since Rise - in fact, it's similar in a few ways, namely the stomping beat and deft drumming, not forgetting the inclusion of a ridiculously catchy guitar riff and delta-blues style harmonising. Hands down, it's a winner and deserving of it's vinyl format issue. There's also a etched 7" due out for another album-track, namely the perky Bettie Page. But The One is the one. SOTM. Cathy Claret - Solita por el Mundo - ★★★★★★★★☆☆ It's been a while since breathy chanteuse Cathy Claret graced our senses with her bright and breezy hybrid of traditional Spanish rhythms and Euro-pop, this Solita por el Mundo is a very welcome return. Previous single Chocolat was insanely catchy and Solita is more of the same, recalling early hits Porque Porque and Loli-Loita. Formerly part of the Les Disques du Crepuscule stable in the late '80s, early '90s, Claret's path has remained true to music though perhaps not with the same successes. However, Solita is terrific fun. A little bit Francoise Hardy, a wee bit St Etienne and a smidgeon of Nouvelle Vague thrown into the Spanish pot makes this a belated summer winner. An album is scheduled to follow. Rustie - 160 Hospital Riddim - ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ So what do you do when you're laid up in hospital with diabetes and bored out of your nut? You knock one out, of course. That is, you knock out a tune. And then you share it with everyone on Planet Earth for nowt. That's dedication people and Rustie returns to the greatness of his debut album on Warp for this two-minute tech-step jingle that does more in its short life than an entire Avicii box-set. Pump your fists and wish him well on his Soundcloud page here. After which you can then cop a free download of it. Holly MacVe - The Corner of my Mind (Demo) - - ★★★★★★★★☆☆ Mark my words, Ms Macve is going to be in a few year-end lists by 2016 if this one lone song is anything to go by. Currently available as a teaser on her Soundcloud page, her recently-inked deal with Bella Union should ensure she garners the right attention at the right time. Her voice reminds me of Paula Frazer (of 4AD's one-offs Tarnation) and has a certain (sorry for this) Americana feel to it, the soundtrack to dusty lonesome towns in the mid-West etc etc.. Look, just give it a listen and remember where you read it second (after Bella Union). Carmel - Sad Situation / Second Wife Blues - ★★★★★★★½☆☆☆ It's been way too long since one of the UK's most underrated vocalists graced us with her trademark tonsils of joy. Two new tracks, both different and each harking back to an era when music was music. Sad Situation is a mid-paced soul-pop number that has the usual Carmel vocal gymnastics, a smooth easy-going backdrop and a melancholic edge, while Second Wife Blues is perhaps the most vociferous and adventurous. It's a big-band romp with some hefty Hammond organ, soaring sax and vocal harmonies a-go-go. Not strictly a blues song per se (it's more of a soul number), Second Wife Blues is the equal of Bad Day and other classic singles. More, more, more, please. Hurricane 1 - Think of the Sunshine - ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ And it's back to the '90s with the forgotten sons of epic Britpop. Formerly one of Creation's main contenders and formed by Ride's former guitarist Andy Bell, before he left for Gay Dad and Oasis, Hurricane 1 were always on the cusp of greatness yet rarely fulfilled everyone's expectations. Oasis and Blur monopolised the Britpop scene for too long before Bell and co briefly wowed their peers with Step Into My World and the like. With the scene long gone, will the world be bothered about Hurricane 1 in 2015? Think of the Sunshine is certainly reminiscent of earlier material (as well as, dare I suggest, the Gallaghers circa Definitely Maybe) and is a jaunty fist-pumping anthem brimming with optimism. You'd have to have a heart of mud not to feel slightly brighter in the mind after hearing this. Kodiak Deathbeds - Against The Wind - ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Taken from their super self-titled debut-album, Against the Wind ISN'T a cover of a Bob Seger song. Instead it's a charming slice of Americana gone electric with pretty harmonies that recall Alela Diane, First Aid Kit and The Pierces, refreshingly minus any thumping drums. The song's simplicity ultimately becomes its complexity with light and dark nuances and the kind of melody you'd crave for on a chilly winter's evening. Have Kodiak Deathbeds sorted out a UK tour proper yet? Zomby - Let's Jam 1 EP / Let's Jam 2 EP - ★★★★★★★★☆☆ / ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Two separate 12" issued on XL Recordings that serve to highlight why Zomby's presence in electronica is just as important as, say, Burial or Richard James. Most of Let's Jam 1 is all about Surf with three versions ranging from the insistent mid-paced tech-house Surf 1, the pounding portentous Surf 2 and the filthy tweakin' 'n' peakin' Acid Surf which sounds like A Guy Called Gerald orgying with Josh Wink in a fug-filled opium den. Well, it could happen...! Let's Jam 2 is perhaps a little more like the Zomby we've come to know - Neon is an absolute brain-splitter that sounds like an arcade game theme tune for some dystopian alien shoot-em-up, while Bloom and Peroxide recall his With Love period on 4AD, complete with cascading synth droplets and skittering beats. The prettiest piece here is Xeon (or Xenon, whichever) which continues in a similar vein to Glass Ocean and the like. New Order - Restless - ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Finally after a month's worth of airplay, the lead-off single from the highly-acclaimed Music Complete appears in physical formats. The CD single (with limited slipcase to store subsequent singles) features six mixes of Restless while the emerald green vinyl 12" houses just three. The Gareth Jones extended version (both formats) adds little in the way of a remix, more a restructure and additional instrumental passages that emulates the album version, while the Andrew Weatherall mix builds and builds without really doing much, other than pulsate ominously and produce a nagging groove that mirrors some of drummer Stephen Morris' own remix work from recent years - motorik and insistent, it's damned good. The other versions play to the strengths of technology with xxxy being the most adventurous in the beats department.

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Blog de MAGDA BONET hablando de mi nuevo disco...

Hola a todos! Ya ha salido mi primer single. ¿Lo habeis escuchado? Y el 23 de octubre estara el album completo disponible. Aqui os dejo un blog que ha escrito una escrito a la que adoro con un talento enorme. Ella tambien escribe biografias de artistas: escribio la de Luz Cazal y en camino una de NICO que era amiga suya ademas! Todo un lujo,aqui os lo dejo:

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Review en MIUSYK

Estamos en notodo Hablando del nuevo disco

Entrevista de Raimundo Amador hablando de BOLLERE Hola a todos, Solo posteo esto porque aunque cuesta creerlo,he escuchado cosas inciertas acerca de BOLLERE (un himno nacional).Contesto y cierro el tema. En el link arriba podeis leer la entrevista de Raimundo donde el mismo lo deja claro. La compuse con 20 años con el baj (en esta epoca tocaba el bajo) y la grave pistas por pistas en un FOSTEX de 8 pistas. Y un pianista frances puso las armonias de piano. Es increible como puede ser de misogino el mundo del rock y de la musica,me recuerda lo de MARIANNE FATHFULL con los Rolling Stones..(salvando las distancias,claro!!). Aqui os dejo la entrevita de Raimundo: "Hay una pregunta obligada… y es que nos cuentes la historia de la canción del “Bolleré”… Yo antes fumaba, ahora ya no… aquí el papel (de liar cigarrillos) te hacía llorar, te picaban los ojos… Cuando fui a Francia con Cathy Claret a hacer su disco, me traje 400 libritos de papel. El título viene de la marca OCD, que tiene un modelo que se llama Bolloré, pero como yo hablo a mi aire decía Bolleré… La mía era una versión de su canción Bolleré. Asi que me gustaria aclarar algunas cosillas: -Si algunos tenes dudas pues leerlo la entrevista arriba el propio RAIMUNDO AMADOR lo dice bien clarito. - no lo digo yo pero el gremio lo sabe ya que mi disco con la version original de BOLLERE salio antes y el gremio lo sabe y es un hecho,salio en un disco que se publico y fue un exito en japon en francia....UN disco mio llamado "SOLEIL Y LOCURA" -he hecho mucho mas canciones y mi cancion mas conocida a traves el mundo se llama "PORQUE,PORQUE" y hasta se versiono en japones. -entiendo que en españa se refieran a mi con el "bollere" ya que aqui representa un himno y estoy agradecida a Raimundo y B.B KING por haber hecho mi cancion tan grande. -escuchar mis nuevas canciones.... y mis otras canciones -Y gracias a Raimundo y B.B KING que hicieron grande mi cancion,siempre les estare agradecida. Gracias a todos os quiero,Cathy

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Pochette du premier single en écoute sur SPOTIFY et ITUNES

Ca y est!!! Aprés preque 10 ans sans disques,apres avoir enregistrer,effacer,douter,re-essayer..voila enfin mon disque. Comopse et écrit par moi et produit avec Markos Bayon. Dans le disque il y a des invités de luxe: ROSSY DE PALMA NOUVELLE VAGUE PASCAL COMELADE BEBE ENJOY IT!!! MERCIA A TOUS MES FANS ET CEUX QUI SUIVENT MA MUSIQUE::LOVE YOU

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nouvelle video

nouvelle chanson

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Estreno de mi nueva cancion en Radio 3 siglo 21

Hoy estreno de mi nueva cancion en SIGLO 21..RADIO 3..en el minuto 52 Ce matin en exclusivite dans SIGLO 21 de Radio 3 une de mes nouvelles chansons minute 52

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POPULAR 1 rock and roll

Ce mois ci dans POPULAR 1 rock and roll spacial numero 500 ou plein d´artistes choisissent un disque qui a marquer leur vie. Este mes en POPULAR 1 para el especial 500 numeros muchos artistas elijen du disco o artista favorita..Yo elijo mi amigo WILLY DE VILLE!

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EUROPA FM avev Javier Limon

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RIP B.B KING... Today i fell BLUE....... LE roi du blues nous a laisser,il a été rejoindre Camaron. J´ai eu la chance de te connaitres et même que tu reprenne une de mes chansons...Un Rêve pour n´importe quel musicien... Je me rappelle un desfois ou je t´ai t´ai demander si tu savit que la chanson que tu interpreter avait ete écrite par une femme (moi) et ta réponse fut: "IF A SONG IS GOOD SONG IS GOOD"...Great answer....and then you laufth.... Je vous laisse ma chanson reprise par B.B KING ET RAIMUNDO AMADOR "BOLLERE".. ADIOS ROI DU BLUES:::

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Hola a tous, Un fan vient de me renvoyer une page que j´avais eue dan ACTUEL en 1988... Je suis très contente,je ne l´avais plus. Cathy prêche la SONO MONDIALE. Ce n´etait pas vraiment a l´ordre du jour a l´epoque ou a la radio il n´y avait que de la variété,donc je suis fiére... Voila la page....

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Gracias Madrid

Gracias Madrid y a todos mis seguidores... Tengo unos fans que de verdad son los mejores que se puedan tener... Gracias a todos vosotros porque si sigo aqui haciendo musica es gracias a vosotros...